17th November 2021 - Fundraising in a Pandemic and beyond....

What has changed and what lies ahead?

Covid-19 certainly hit us all in 2020 and is still ongoing as I write. It has changed many things in the last 20 months but one thing is for sure - fundraising has become more challenging for many charities. The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 meant that many events - both outdoor and indoor - were cancelled. This raised considerable challenges for charities who had a large slice of their traditional income coming in from events.

For some, they moved quickly to online events which were quite hit and miss from what I have seen. For others, they decided to write off 2020 expected income from events and either reduced their expectations on what they could deliver as a charity and consequently reduced their budgets or reached out to their supporters or to the government emergency funds that were set up in 2020. It had been a time of both stress and innovation and I'm sure there are many stories still to be told once we move 'beyond the pandemic' - whatever that means.

(As an aside, I think Covid-19 is here to stay and will become something like the flu and that we will all get a winter jab for both flu and Covid).

Looking forward, it seems that one old chestnut of fundraising has found a new lease of life - grant giving trusts and foundations. Many charities have turned to them in the hope of plugging gaps in their fundraising. But it's not guaranteed income and the only way I can see it being sustainable in the long term is for more people to set up new trusts and foundations. I hope this happens as I do see an increased interest in philanthropy among wealthy individuals.

This leads me on to what I think will be another growth area in the next few years - major donor fundraising. But this is a delicate area and has to be done correctly in order to bear fruit - relationships are key. One last thing to note is that legacies (money left in someone's will) are predicted to increase too. Get that right, and you will be in a good position fundraising-wise. 


News 11/06/21 - Working with Key4Life

We are Delighted to be Assisting Key4Life...

We are very pleased to be working with the charity Key4Life, who have operations in London, Somerset and Bristol. This great charity helps young men who are either in prison or who have been released. Their very effective programme helps the young men to reset their path in life and become more confident in themselves and more responsible. Re-offending rates for those that have been helped are far lower than the national average. More information on Key4Life can be found here -


News 24/03/21 - Working with two former clients again...

We are pleased to be working again with two former clients....

This year, we are very happy to be working with two wonderful organisations whom we have assisted in previous years:

1. Rethinking Conflict are working to help bring people from different backgrounds together to begin to solve protracted problems. We are delighted to be able to work with them in seeking funding for their important work.


2. Together for the Common Good are working to rebuild local communities fractured by decades of economic disparity and polarisation. It is by rebuilding local communities that society can be strengthened for the common good.

We look forward to a productive and fruitful year with these two organisations.


News 06/01/21

We are going to be working with a number of clients in 2021....

For 2021, Leo Donaghy Solutions will be working with a number of clients - some old, some new - as we face into a year of considerable challenges due to the ongoing global covid-19 pandemic. 

Many small organisations have been hit hard by the lockdowns and in 2020 this reduced their ability to fundraise, especially at community level. We look forward to helping them face the challenges of 2021. More updates to follow soon..


News 03/09/2018

Mentoring Social Enterprises...

We are delighted to be one of the approved mentors for Work West helping their clients to approach grant givers to develop their ideas into viable business ventures.


News 11/05/2018

Leo Donaghy Solutions are now working with fightED...

We are delighted to be able to help the Groomsport-based charity, fightED, with their fundraising strategy as they look to develop their services in 2018 and beyond. FightED are a Northern Ireland charity who work to help those local people suffering from an eating disorder and their families. They provide a number of speciaist services and more information can be found on them here


News 06/12/2017

Helping Belfast-based charity, CANS....

We are delighted to be helping the charity Counselling All Nations (CANS) who are based in Belfast. CANS offers counselling and psychotherapeutic help to people whose first language is not English and who need help in order to better manage their daily living and get on with their lives. More information on CANS can be found here


News 03/07/2017

We are delighted to be able to help London-based charity, Together for the Common Good...

We are now assisting the London-based charity, Together for the Common Good, to help them secure funding. Together for the Common Good draw on the shared experiences of two Liverpool clergymen in the 1980s and work to bring about bridge building, community cohesion and reconciliation. More information can be found on them here.


News 07/03/2017

We are delighted to be able to continue to help Northern Ireland social enterprise, Rethinking Conflict...

We are continuing to assist Belfast-based social enterprise, Rethinking Conflict, to secure funding. Rethinking Conflict draw on many years of experience to offer a highly skilled service working in the fields of conflict transformation, peace building and reconciliation both in Northern Ireland and abroad. We have helped them to secure recent funding for a special project and are currently working with them to apply for more funding. More information can be found on them here.


News 22/09/2015

We are helping Hampshire-based LUNA Children's Charity move forward strategically....

We are delighted to be working with the amazing LUNA, the Children's Charity who are based in Hampshire and who work overseas helping children cope with trauma. LUNA are now entering a period of growth and wish to recruit new staff to help them grow strategically and help many more children in areas of conflict and upheaval. More info on LUNA can be found here


News 20/02/15

Helping local support charity with ambitious plans for a new support centre...

We are working with one of our local client charities here in Northern Ireland on the fundraising requirements for a new support centre that will be the first of its kind in the province. It is an exciting project and we hope to report more in the months to come.....


News 18/11/14

Continuing to assist Concern Worldwide Northern Ireland...

We are delighted to be working with Concern Worldwide Northern Ireland to help them further their fundraising goals for 2015. Concern help the poorest of the poor both through emergency relief and long term development work.


News 14/02/14

The Life Works Children's Foundation charity are now a new client...

We are very happy to be assisting a new charity, Life Works Children's Foundation, in their fundraising efforts. Based in Surrrey, this new charity will take the experience and knowledge from America, and deliver a therapeutic and educational support programme for the children of addicted parents. More information on the charity can be found here


News 15/12/13

Key4Life Lauch event raises £80,000.

Our client, Key4Life, had a hughly successful launch event and dinner at the beautiful Camden Town Hall Ballroom in central London on the 3rd of December. An amazing £80,000 was raised for the charity on the night. I attended myself, helping out with the meeting and greeting and the auction. Guests were treated to a champagne reception, three course dinner and live music from Jessie Ware. You can read more about the night and see some photos here

One highlight of the evening was a number of the young men with convictions looking to turn their lives around performing their own song for the guests to great applause.



News 14/11/13

One of our clients, Key4Life, are having a special fundraising event on the 3rd of December in central London with the up and coming singer Jessie Ware giving an exclusive performanc on the night. Jessie hails from south London and is set to become a bit star with her soulful voice and elegant grace - more info on her can be found at

A great night of dining and entertainment is promised for those attending on the 3rd December and of course most important of all, much-needed funds will be raised for Key4Life.


News 02/10/13

New client in London....

We are delighted to have just started working with a new client in London - Working Chance. They are a charitable social enterprise who help women ex-offenders get back into employment and make a fresh start free from crime. Working Chance operate throughout London and have helped many women put their crimes and prison sentence behind them and start a new life with new possibilities and goals. More information on them can be found at


News 15/05/2013

New client being assisted in Somerset

A new charity called Key4Life is now being assisted. They work with young offenders/ex-offenders helping them back on the road to stability and responsible citizenship after a prison sentence. More information on them can be found at


News 15/10/2012

New client charity being assisted in Devon, UK.

We have a new client, based in Exeter in Devon, UK. The charity, String of Pearls Project, have taken us on to do some fundraising consultancy to help them meet their funding requirements. More information on them can be found at


News 03/08/2012

We are again providing fundraising consultancy for the Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact), who are based in London. A well established client, we are helping them write reports to funders and writing funding applications for them. In the UK, government spending cuts have meant that charities have to worker smarter to maintain services and we are pleased to be able to help Pact continue to provide and develop their services - more information on what they do can be found at


News 16/05/2011

We are now working with Fitness Equipment Maintenance ( to help build their business by acquiring new clients from gyms, hotels, leisure centres etc. This is through a mix of marketing techniques to ensure they remain competitive in their business sector.